Elevate your online presence with ZenReviews

We are a platform that enables businesses to make the most of the power of online reviews.

Elevate your online presence in a short period of time with ZenReviews by generating more positive reviews on Google and automatically featuring them on your website. This will attract more customers and increase your website traffic, leading to greater business success

Maximize positive reviews &

minimize negative feedbacks

Improved Online Reputation

More positive reviews equals better online reputation and increased customer acquisition.

Automated Review Sharing

Automatically shares positive reviews on your websites to boost online reputation.

Review Management

Connect & manage reviews across multiple platforms including Google, Facebook, Yelp.

Feedback Resolution

Manages negative feedback privately for improved customer trust and business.

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Discover our tool

Unlock the power of positive reviews with ZenReviews, the ultimate review management tool. Connect with customers, increase positive reviews on multiple platforms, and boost your online reputation. With real-time tracking, automated sharing, and effective negative feedback management.

ZenReviews is the perfect solution for managing and promoting your business's online reputation.

Monitor and reply to all the reviews from one place

  • Reviews Dashboard
  • Engagement Management
  • Feedback Resolution
Reviews Dashboard

With ZenReviews, you can easily view all reviews received on various review platforms, including Google, Yelp, and TripAdvisor, in one convenient location. Our platform allows you to track your reviews day by day, giving you a comprehensive understanding of your online reputation.

This includes positive and negative feedback, allowing you to address any issues and improve your business. Never miss a review again and stay ahead of the competition.

Engagement Management

Responding to reviews, whether positive or negative, demonstrates your commitment to customer service and helps to build trust and loyalty.

By using ZenReviews, you can easily manage and respond to all reviews received on various platforms, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity to connect with your customers and improve your business.

Feedback Resolution

Effective customer communication is key to building trust and maintaining a positive reputation. With ZenReviews, you can easily respond to private negative feedback in a timely manner, showing customers that you value their input and are committed to improving their experience. By addressing negative feedback quickly and professionally, you can gain your customers' trust and improve your business.

Additionally, by using ZenReviews, you can track the common theme among negative feedback, and figure out the areas that you need to improve in order to provide better service for your customers.

This includes positive and negative feedback, allowing you to address any issues and improve your business. Never miss a review again and stay ahead of the competition.

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Get reviews where it matters

Connect Google, Facebook and other 10+ sites where you are receiving or want to receive new positive reviews.

Over 14 review platforms

Easily manage and promote your positive reviews

Streamline your review management

Choose pricing plans which suits your needs



Up to 3 widgets

1 business location

Email Support



Unlimited widgets

3 business locations

Email & Chat Support



Custom Integrations

Automate with Zapier

VIP Support

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Why Choose ZenReviews

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build trust with potential customers & increase your website conversions

Stand out from the competition with ZenReviews


of customers read an online review before visiting a business.


of people will hesitate to purchase from a business that has negative reviews.​


of customers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.​

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